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You’ve come to the right place to make a smart choice – offering the complete range of Professional Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology services to your clients. Register for our Premier Professional Reflexology Certification Program, dazzle your clients, and get the largest upfront savings we offer.

Have the skills to offer all of these Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology Methods and be prepared to handle any situation:
Foot Reflexology
great for reaching every organ, gland and part of the body.
Hand Reflexology
Many clients tell us that Hand Reflexology is the most relaxing for them, plus it can be done anywhere. Hands are referral areas for the feet, for when a foot is injured.
Face Reflexology
Because of its proximity to the brain, Face Reflexology can provide the most profound experience for many clients.
Ear Reflexology – proven effective for pain relief, often combined with Face Reflexology.

Join our Premier Professional Reflexology Certification Program and:
Become an expert in Laura Norman’s unique Holistic Foot, Hand, Face and Ear Reflexology Methods plus how to combine them for an unforgettable experience.
• See your skills, knowledge and confidence blossom in our nurturing, supportive environment.
• S
hare your gifts with the world as a Laura Norman-Certified Holistic Reflexologist!

Reflexology Training

❝ I am so thankful for Laura and her amazing instructors, Sande, Sue, Lisa, and Michael! They see everything and don’t let anyone slip through the cracks. If someone doesn’t get a certain concept, they work with them until they understand. My knowledge and confidence in reflexology have soared! I’m getting more and more calls every day for reflexology. And the variety of people in the classes–massage and physical therapists, caregivers, child care workers, naturopaths, estheticians, as well as people who turned to reflexology when nothing else worked, and now want to share it. I am forever grateful to Laura and the team for all they do, thank you, thank you, thank you! ❞

Carolyn Cullity, Reflexologist, LMT


No previous experience necessary! We’ll take you from newbie to expert!

Graduate from our Premier Professional Reflexology Certification Program and become a Laura Norman-Certified Holistic Reflexologist in Foot, Hand, Face and Ear Reflexology. Experience the confidence and profound sense of fulfillment it brings when you complete our comprehensive 395-hour Training Program which includes:

  • All required class hours
  • All written and practical evaluations
  • 11 tutorials (You’ll get the recordings of all Zoom tutorials to download and review as often as you like!)
  • Homework and home study assignments
  • 70 documented Reflexology sessions (50 Foot sessions; 20 Hand sessions)

Some states have additional licensure requirements regarding professional practice.

Click HERE to register for our next Free Intro to Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology Training Class over Zoom, hosted by Laura, and discover the awesome power in Holistic Reflexology.

We offer Weekend, Evening, and Morning Premier Professional Reflexology Certification Programs over Zoom. Pick the one that best fits your schedule now. You can then move among the three programs to complete your training.


Pay for each class, book, video, tutorial, etc. as you go.

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SAVE $1,035 to $1,640!

Pay in advance and get everything in Pay-as-you-go PLUS big savings!

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Choose a plan that fits your budget.

$995 Deposit + $720 x 6 Months

$595 Deposit + $420 x 12 Months

❝ Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology training is in-depth and highly effective. It’s easily understood by everyone, yet someone like me, who has had anatomical training as an LMT, will find the training invaluable.

People love how relaxing it is, as well as the help it can give for a wide variety of ailments.

The instructors are exceptional – experienced, caring and supportive. I highly recommend the training and the work.❞

Ann Marie SylvesterAnn Marie Sylvester, Reflexologist, LMT

❝ I came for Laura’s extraordinary holistic training programs, and I discovered that they go far beyond just learning about reflexology.

In addition to the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience I receive, I treasure the astonishing energy boost I get from being in a community of nurturing, kindred spirits who care as much as I do about the health and well-being of others in the world. Experience Laura’s training and get ready to feel the love.❞

Deb TaliaferroDeborah Taliaferro, Reflexologist

❝ I wish to be an instrument to help people find balance, and I’m so happy I found Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology. My experience with them has been amazing, really amazing.

They are very knowledgeable, and Laura and her instructors are a really, really good team. They resolve every question you have, and their depth of knowledge is amazing.

It is an experience that really touches your heart.❞

Carolina RCarolina Restropo, RN, Reflexologist

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