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Foot Reflexology Certification

No previous experience necessary!

We’ll take you from newbie to expert!

Our Professional Foot Reflexology Certification Program is designed for someone like you who is passionate about alternative health, ready to practice Holistic Reflexology professionally, and who demands the most comprehensive Professional Foot Reflexology Certification Program available.

Join our Certification Program now, where you’ll master our holistic approach to Foot Reflexology, including Laura Norman’s own Relaxation and Foot Reflexology techniques and our unique Foot Reflexology protocols. Students come from throughout the U.S. and overseas to study with Laura’s Certified Instructors, all active Nationally Certified Reflexologists and graduates of the Laura Norman Reflexology Certification Training Program, who bring over one hundred years of combined experience teaching Laura’s unique Holistic Method of Foot Reflexology. You will leave with the confidence to facilitate others’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We offer foot reflexology certification online Morning, Evening, and Weekend Programs over Zoom, designed to fit your schedule. 

Click HERE to register for our next Free Intro to Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology Training Class over Zoom, hosted by Laura. Get your questions answered and find the information you’re looking for about the awesome power of Holistic Reflexology.

❝ With Foot Reflexology I’m amazed every time I work on someone! I’m not sure who benefits more, them or me! It’s such a joy and gives me a sense of inner peace to touch somebody and see them feel better.❞
Laura Norman ReflexologistShari Lynn D.

❝ I’m kind of a nerdy student and let me tell you, as a nurse these Foot Reflexology classes are the best I’ve taken in my whole career. I love it!❞

Laura Norman ReflexologistValerie P., RN
❝ My husband struggles with panic attacks and he had one right before the practice session during class. He wanted to get up and leave, but started calming down and was able to overcome his panic. This is the first time his panic attack lasted less than 10 minutes, usually it take hours or the entire day… We are so grateful.❞
Laura Norman ReflexologistMarielena F.

Wishing you could see if Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology is a fit for you before you join our Certification Program? We’ve got you covered! Sign up for one of our Foot & Hand Reflexology or Foot Reflexology Part 1 classes, ‘get your feet wet’ and discover the joy you can feel helping yourself while helping others feel great!


No previous experience necessary! We’ll take you from newbie to expert!

To become a Laura Norman-Certified Holistic Foot Reflexologist and experience the joy and profound sense of fulfillment it brings, complete our 284-hour comprehensive Foot Reflexology Certification program, including:

  • All required class hours
  • All written and practical evaluations
  • 7 tutorials (You’ll get the recordings of all Zoom tutorials!)
  • Home study assignments
  • 50 documented Reflexology sessions (10 people, 5x each)

Some states have additional licensure requirements regarding professional practice.


We offer Weekend, Evening, and Morning Foot Reflexology Certification Programs over Zoom. Pick the one that best fits your schedule. You can also move among the three programs to complete your Certification training.


Pay for each class, book, video, tutorial, etc. as you go.

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SAVE $510 TO $880

Pay in advance and get everything in Pay-as-you-go PLUS big savings!

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Choose a plan that fits your budget.

$895 Deposit + $450 x 6 Months

$595 Deposit + $265 x 12 Months

Your Five Steps to Foot Reflexology Certification


Your hands-on stimulating introduction to the science and art of reflexology, and to Laura’s unique, inspiring holistic approach, the Laura Norman Method of Reflexology. Your experienced instructor will explain the theory, principles, benefits and history of how reflexology works. You will study the 10 energy zones (5 on each foot and hand) and how reflex areas on the feet and hands correlate with the various areas/organs of the body. As you learn and practice two complete Laura Norman 30-minute Foot and Hand Reflexology protocols, we’ll cover many relaxation techniques, most unique to the Laura Norman Method, plus key reflexology techniques including thumb walking, finger walking, hook and back up, and rotation on a point.

After this class you will be able to give joy and profound relaxation to yourself, family and friends, start a new career, or earn continuing education hours.


Continue your training in the Laura Norman Method of Reflexology with guided, hands-on practice. Building on what you covered in Foot and Hand Reflexology, you will study Laura Norman’s Foot Reflexology Map, proper posture & breathing, general guidelines for sessions (length, frequency, consistency), and how to prepare for a session while you learn our 60-minute Professional Foot Reflexology session protocol.

You are taking your next step toward Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Certification. And, you’re building a solid foundation for all you will study in Advanced Foot Reflexology Parts 2 and 3.


After completing Part 1, you’re well on your way to Professional Certification.

In Part 2, you will develop skills to facilitate relaxation/stress management and support wellness, practice additional therapeutic techniques, explore the relationship between Reflexology and anatomy and physiology, and practice protocols designed to address all of the body’s systems.


Part 3 is another big step toward Professional Certification, where you will learn and practice additional advanced therapeutic techniques for the lower legs and feet, focus on the specific anatomy and physiology of the lower legs and feet, study foot pathologies and their relationship to the body, evaluate a health history, and learn to design sessions for a multitude of conditions.

Foot Reflexology Diagram
The Heart and Reflexology
Diagram parts of the leg - Reflexology online
Happy reflexology people

STEP 5: MASTERY CLASS (16 Hours), where it all comes together! Plus your unique opportunity to:

  • Discover the secrets to Laura Norman’s holistic approach – combining positive thinking, affirmative speaking, visualization, and much more with Laura Norman Reflexology.
  • Get your questions answered about Reflexology techniques, specific client issues, the new simplified documentation process, and more.
  • Explore how to design sessions for specific conditions, strengthen your relationship with clients, address boundary and rapport issues, other related challenges, and much more.
  • See how to establish rapport with your clients and practice professional ethics.
  • Learn and practice our new Foot Lymphatic Drainage protocol.
  • Really understand how to market yourself, plus the professional business practices you must have for a successful practice.
  • Add advanced reflexology techniques, including additional reflex areas and points that focus on the lower leg and calf, and that take your sessions to a whole new level.

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