Our 32-hour Certification class where you master our holistic approach to Hand Reflexology, including Laura Norman’s own Hand Reflexology techniques and our unique Hand Reflexology protocols.

Here’s an overview of what our Certification class covers:

  • Advanced Reflexology techniques specifically designed for the hand.
  • Techniques to securely support your hand and your recipient’s hand throughout a session.
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the hand, wrist and arm.
  • Various finger techniques (‘fingerholds’) used to manage emotions.
  • Hand exercises to use for a number of hand conditions.
  • The steps necessary to recognize and address face conditions and indications including Bell’s Palsy, edema, cosmetic surgery (healing, scar tissue) and many more.
  • How to recognize contraindications to performing Hand Reflexology.
  • Hands-on practice in performing a 1-hour Hand Reflexology protocol, plus additional techniques.
  • How to properly document a Hand Reflexology session.

Complete your coursework, twenty documented sessions, and two private, one-on-one tutorials with your instructor over Zoom (for which you’ll receive recordings for free you can watch over and over), and you’ll receive a Certificate in Laura Norman Hand Reflexology, suitable for framing, and you’ll be skilled to begin practicing these unique techniques.

ARCB-certified Foot Reflexologists qualify to sit for ARCB Hand Reflexology National Certification upon completion of our Hand Reflexology Certification requirements.