Our 24-hour Certification class where you master our holistic approach to Face & Ear Reflexology, including Laura Norman’s own Face & Ear Reflexology techniques and our unique Face & Ear Reflexology protocols. Here’s an overview of what our Certification class covers:

  • The healing benefits of Face and Ear Reflexology.
  • History of how Face and Ear Reflexology has evolved.
  • How to locate the horizontal and vertical guidelines on the face.
  • A working knowledge of face anatomy.
  • The critical importance of the 12 cranial nerves.
  • The steps necessary to recognize and address face conditions and indications including Bell’s Palsy, edema, cosmetic surgery (healing, scar tissue) and many more.
  • How to recognize contraindications to performing Face & Ear Reflexology.
  • Hands-on practice in performing Face Relaxation, Toning, Lymph Drainage and Ear Reflexology protocols, plus additional techniques.

Complete your coursework and two private, one-on-one tutorials with your instructor over Zoom (for which you’ll receive recordings for free you can watch over and over), and you’ll receive a Certificate in Laura Norman Face & Ear Reflexology, suitable for framing, and you’ll be skilled to begin practicing these unique techniques.