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Laura Norman Reflexology

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Laura Norman Reflexology
Foot Reflexology
Aromatherapy & Reflexology
Five Natural Elements
Laura Norman Hand Reflexology
Laura Norman Reflexology
Laura Norman Reflexology

As a leading provider of Reflexology Education, we are an Approved Provider for continuing education courses by NCBTMB, ARCB, and most states.

Whether you’re seeking massage therapy continuing education, or continuing education for nurses or other Health and Beauty Professionals, take the opportunity now to expand your knowledge, skills, and income while you earn continuing education hours. What a great way to satisfy your professional development requirements, maintain your certification and/or license, and incorporate new ways to help your clients feel amazing into your practice!

Take our Premier Professional Certification Program or one of our Foot, Hand, Face, and Ear Reflexology Certifications and earn continuing education hours though reflexology ceu classes online.

PLUS, choose from over 100 hours of additional continuing education classes that will put the thrill back into your sessions:

Reflexology Certified
Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Laura Norman ReflexAromatherapy (6 CE Hours)
With Oils Kit:
$229 or 2 payments of $124
Without Oils Kit:
$199 or 2 payments of $109

Take this exciting, experiential workshop and understand the beauty, benefits, and potency of essential oils. These natural chemical compounds possess a myriad of beneficial therapeutic properties for both your physical and psychological well-being. Discover the many ways you can utilize them, plus how to multiply their power when you partner them with the restorative benefits of reflexology. And, you’ll receive your own set of 6 essential oils to use during the class!

*Prerequisite: Laura Norman Foot Reflexology class

ReflexAromatherapy Class Details2021-12-02T13:32:29-05:00

In this 1-day comprehensive “hands-on” class you will learn:

  • History of Essential Oils
  • The science behind Essential Oils and the importance of the limbic system in relation to the powerful impact essential oils can have
  • Basic properties of Essential Oils
  • The importance of oil grades and production
  • Key safety factors in the use of Essential Oils
  • How – and when – to use many popular essential oils, including Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Peppermint, Geranium, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus – to help a variety of physical and psychological conditions
  • “Hands-on” exploration of using essential oils with reflexology techniques.

Foot and Hand Reflexology (16 CE Hours)
$349 or 3 payments of $125 (Weekend • Morning • Evening)

Your hands-on stimulating introduction to the science and art of reflexology, and to Laura’s unique, inspiring holistic approach, the Laura Norman Method of Reflexology. Your experienced instructor will explain the theory, principles, benefits and history of how reflexology works. You’ll study Laura Norman Foot Reflexology, and then Laura Norman Hand Reflexology through demonstration and hands-on experience.

You will study the 10 energy zones (5 on each foot and hand) and how reflex areas on the feet and hands correlate with the various areas/organs of the body. As you learn and practice two complete Laura Norman 30-minute Foot and Hand Reflexology protocols, we’ll cover many relaxation techniques, most unique to the Laura Norman Method, plus key reflexology techniques including thumb walking, finger walking, hook and back up, and rotation on a point.

With this class you will be able to add new services to your practice while you earn CEs.

*Prerequisite: None!

Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology
Reflexology Foot Chart

Foot Reflexology Part 1 (24 CE Hours)
$499 or 3 payments of $179
(Weekend • Morning • Evening)

An in-depth exploration of the unique Laura Norman Method of Foot Reflexology, including hours of hands-on practice. Here’s just some of what you will master in our experiential class:

  • Laura Norman’s Foot Reflexology Map
  • Proper posture & breathing
  • What a client will experience, and
  • What a practitioner may expect to find
  • General guidelines for sessions (length, frequency, consistency) and session preparation while you master Laura’s 60-minute Professional Foot Reflexology session protocol for reaching all reflex points along with many relaxation techniques.

And, if you choose, this can be your first step toward Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Certification and National Certification.

*Prerequisite: None!


How to Properly Document Client Sessions
(3 CE Hours) • $95 for Live class
or Streaming Video

Your technique is fabulous! Clients adore you! But how are your SOAP notes?

As a professional (or aspiring) Reflexologist, it’s time to clean up your SOAP notes.

Take our live class and get your questions answered, or purchase our streaming video, and re-discover, reinforce, and remember:

  • How to professionally document a session
  • Plenty of common types of errors, and how to avoid them
  • How to assess a client
  • How to create an effective session plan
  • The right way to use SOAP notes and progress reports

Attend the live class and you can purchase the video for 50% off.

*Prerequisite: Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Part 3 class

Hand on Foot Reflexology

Advanced Reflexology Techniques (8 CE Hours)
or 2 payments of $109 (Weekend Only)

Get ready to supercharge your sessions! Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

  • Brand new Reflexology protocol with a host of new techniques
  • Plenty of demos and hands-on practice
  • Plus additional advanced relaxation techniques
  • How to use thumb and fingers to access reflex points more effectively
  • Alternative ways to access reflex points

*Prerequisite: Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Part 3 class


Blending Polarity with Reflexology (16 CE Hours)
or 3 payments of $125 (Weekend • Evening)

Polarity is a synthesis of ancient healing principles. Patterns of energetic expression you’ll explore through the Polarity model include the primary principle of “Yin/Yang”, the “Ultra-Sonic Core”, the Ayurvedic “Five elements” and their relationship through the subtle chakra system, and “sacred geometry” through specific physical structural relationships.

*Prerequisite: Laura Norman Foot Reflexology class

Polarity Class Details2024-01-02T20:23:43-05:00

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in Blending Polarity with Reflexology class:

  • Distinctions between the Allopathic and Energy Based models for wellness.
  • The energetic principles and qualities of the Ayurvedic 3 Gunas: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, and their relationship to the body as “energetic fields”.
  • The three primary types of touch reflective of these principles.
  • A session focusing on the energetic relationship of these principles between body and feet.
  • The Ayurvedic 5 elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth – their various qualities and manifestations, and relationship to reflexology zones & chakras.
  • Exploration of various ways elemental dynamics can show up in different ailments and conditions, and how to focus a session to activate and/or balance various elements.
  • Specific “hands-on” protocols will be practiced for therapeutic engagement with the various elements.
  • Positive and Negative polarity charges of the fingers and how to use them with reflexes.
  • Various “sense-perception” exercises and exploration of energetic boundaries will complete your unique learning experience.
Blending Polarity with Reflexology
Intuition Reflexology

Laura Norman Intuitive Reflexology (6 CE Hours)
or 2 payments of $79 (Weekend Only)

In our unique, hands-on workshop you will:

  • Strengthen your intuitive sense
  • Expand and deepen your healing abilities
  • Discover the power of affirmative thinking and speaking to shift energy
  • Explore the use of NLP to create rapport with your clients, friends, family
  • Learn about the healing properties of color • light • sound
  • Incorporate Imagery and Visualization in your session
  • Understand how to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals

*Prerequisite: Laura Norman Foot Reflexology or similar reflexology program


ARCB Foot Reflexology Exam Prep Class
In-Person • $499 or 3 payments of $179 (Weekend)
Locations: Southington, CT

Join us to review and prepare you to successfully pass your ARCB Exam while fulfilling your requirement for 20+ in-person hours, plus much more!

*Prerequisite: Completed all Laura Norman Foot Reflexology classwork

ARCB Prep Class Details2023-03-21T20:14:40-04:00

Your 3-day, in-person, fun and informative “hands-on” class includes:

  • Guided, hands-on Laura Norman Foot Reflexology protocol and exchange
  • A second guided, hands-on protocol/exchange about when and where to incorporate advanced techniques
  • What you can expect the proctor to ask you during your hands-on exam
  • Pertinent info that you may be asked about on the written exam
  • How to correctly document for the ARCB exam
  • Review of conditions, indications, and contraindications
  • Plenty of time for Q&A each day
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