Reflexology Nurtures Relationships

Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year. Yet its focus is crucial to our long term happiness and well-being.

What is that one theme that recurs again and again throughout our lives?

The quality of our relationships–with our family, spouses/partners, friends, colleagues, clients and with ourselves. No matter where you are in your life today, whatever the challenges you face, improving your relationships will enhance the overall quality of your life.

As a Reflexologist for over forty years I have seen the power of reflexology to nurture, expand, deepen and heal relationships of all kinds.

Wondering how working on your feet, hands, face or ears can help your relationships?

Reflexology works by relieving stress and promoting deep relaxation and a profound sense of inner peace. When our mind and body are relaxed we can only experience positive feelings. Try it and see for yourself.

Reflexology creates an ideal environment for communication, healing and growth. It can unite two people (parents and children, husbands and wives…) in a special, intimate relationship that is strengthened each time you do it. By its very nature, reflexology focuses attention on each other in a warm, loving, and caring way.

For couples, reflexology is both affectionate play and serious therapy. When my partner Michael and I have a tiff, he grabs my foot and helps me calm down. By reducing tension reflexology enhances sexual sensitivity and responsiveness–a great form of non-verbal communication for foreplay and afterplay!

For families, reflexology is a great way to “talk” to children through their feet. Children need healers and mentors in their lives. Reflexology provides a setting where you both discover you can be healer, counselor, and friend, as well as parent.

For companies, bringing reflexology into the workplace releases stress, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. And when people feel good, others respond – feeling good is contagious!

And reflexology is great for “breaking the habit”, e.g., to stop smoking, shed pounds, or eliminate other addictive behavior in your life. Try it now and start to feel stronger, happier and more in charge.

So how do you get started? It’s easy.

Private sessions – anywhere from 1 to 2 hours each, provide a wonderful opportunity to empower your whole being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Share a double session with your lover, spouse, friend, child, or parent. You each receive a reflexology session while lying side-by-side. A great gift for Valentine’s Day, it’s a very special experience that is sure to deepen your relationship.

Offer reflexology at company “Choose You” days to celebrate your staff and support their health and well being.

Come to a Laura Norman 1- or 2-Day Workshop. Bring a friend, lover, spouse, child, parent, sibling or anyone else with whom you would like to share this powerful experience. Or come and meet a new “solemate”. You’ll be introduced to reflexology, visualization, NLP, conscious language and other techniques to help you take your relationships to the next level.

Attend Laura Norman Reflexology Training – weekend classes to learn the basics and, if you choose, complete programs to become a Laura Norman-Certified Reflexologist.

Whatever you choose to do, take steps right now to nurture your relationships. Your commitment to yourself, your family, your friends and your partner will be returned to you many times over.

– Laura Norman